Project Developer

Lead Contact

Jessica North


57 Harvey Street North, Eagle Farm QLD 4009, Australia

Our vision is to be people engineering a clean energy, zero carbon future, by achieving our mission of expediting the transition to renewables by delivering clean energy and lower carbon solutions, reliably, effectively, commercially for our customers.

To achieve our vision and mission we put people first and this makes us different from all the rest.

We deliver clean energy and carbon abatement solutions, reliably, effectively and commercially to customers. With over 100 years’ combined experience in the waste industry, landfill and renewable energy sectors, we have developed a unique, flexible operating platform of biogas from landfill installations on sites of all scales across Australia.

LGI has a proven track record of providing innovative, commercial solutions for landfill owners and operators. We also assist customers to manage the risk associated with biogas from landfills, while harnessing the benefits of reducing carbon emissions.

Our unique, flexible operating platform enables us to create hybridised energy systems comprising biogas to renewable power, energy storage, synergistic solar, Green Gas (bio-methane) and innovative commercial solutions to provide dispatchable distributed renewable energy to firm intermittent renewables.