[MEDIA ALERT] New Chairman Climate Change Authority marks “further resuscitation of an important independent institution”

bradkerin Media Release

CMI’s response to the announcement that Grant King will lead the Climate Change Authority (CCA) – the independent body that advises the Australian Government on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


CEO of the Carbon Market Institute John Connor says: “Wendy Craik has enabled the survival of the CCA, supported the publication of important research and provided recommendations to Government, including about the Safeguard Mechanism and how it can evolve to play a greater role guiding investments towards net-zero emissions.

The appointments of Grant King and Susie Smith mark the further resuscitation of an important independent institution, with the considerable Carbon Market and industry experience of Grant King and Susie Smith in particular.

The CCA is out of the emergency ward, it now needs to do the work needed of it in 2021 and join international best practice which includes analysing and recommending policies for five yearly carbon budgets in a transition plan towards net-zero emissions before 2050.
These need to be aligned to Australia’s fair share under the Paris Agreement of helping to keep average global warming well below 2 degrees and pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5C .


CMI supports the restrengthening of CCA’s responsibilities including those stripped from it in 2014 under Tony Abbott. The CMI supports Zali Steggall’s independent bill which could reform the CCA accordingly.” 

To interview John Connor further on this matter please contact CMI’s Communications Manager Clare Price on 0490 252 743.