Kobad Bhavnagri

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Global Head of Industry & Building Decarbonization, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Kobad Bhavnagri is a leading expert on the energy transition. He is the Global Head of Industry and Building Decarbonization for Bloomberg NEF, an independent research house specialising in the future of energy, transport and industry. He oversees the firm’s work on industry and the built environment, which includes hydrogen, clean fuels, carbon capture, advanced materials, 3D printing, the circular economy, heating, cooling, electrification, and the production of green steel, cement, aluminium and plastics.

Kobad was previously BNEF’s Global Head of Special Projects, and lead author of the Hydrogen Economy Outlook. Prior to that, he was BNEF’s Head of Australia and Head of Asia-Pacific Economics and Policy. He has authored over 100 publications spanning energy policy, economics, finance and technology since joining the company in 2010.

Kobad is also a Non-Executive Director of the Carbon Market Institute, an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales and a member of the Australian Government’s Energy Industry Roundtable. He has worked in the energy and finance industries since 2003 as an engineer, management consultant and analyst, and has a first class honours degree in Mechatronic Engineering from the University of New South Wales.