[MEDIA RELEASE] National forum to plan how to turbocharge the carbon farming industry

bradkerin Media Release

Carbon farming is rapidly expanding in 2020 and should play a key role in Australia’s post-Covid economic recovery, participants at an industry forum will hear tomorrow.

New projects have surged 60% this year in carbon farming, which sees land managers paid to capture greenhouse gas emissions and store them in vegetation and soil, or to reduce emissions from livestock or savanna fires.

The Carbon Farming Industry Forum, a virtual event (September 22-23), will hear calls for governments to turbocharge the sector by putting supportive policies in place and rapidly increasing their investment. Some forum sessions are open to media (see below).

‘Because of Covid-19, Australia’s rural areas need jobs and investment now more than ever – carbon farming is already contributing but can do much more,’ says John Connor, CEO of the Carbon Market Institute, which is hosting the Forum. ‘Governments are beginning to take this growing sector more seriously but it’s time to turbocharge policy and investment. This is now an established industry but it could play a much larger role in Australia’s approach to climate change.’

Connor wants to see the carbon farming sector triple in size by 2030.

Forum participants will discuss federal government initiatives announced last week, including the Technology Co-Investment Fund to reduce agricultural emissions; changes to the process for approving carbon farming methodologies; last Friday’s ERF auction results; and state government initiatives such as Queensland’s Land Restoration Fund.


22-23 September 2020 (virtual event). Speakers include:

  • Angus Taylor, federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction
  • Leeanne Enoch, Queensland Minister for Environment
  • Ross Garnaut, economist and author
  • Grant King, Chair of King Review on low-cost abatement.

Media contacts
Cathy Alexander 0448 708 991
Clare Price 0490 252 743 Clare.Price@carbonmarketinstitute.org

Carbon Farming Industry Forum: events open to public
Registration is required.

Carbon Conversation with David Parker, Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator
22 September, 10.20am-10.40am
Insights on the most recent ERF auction results.
Register here: https://bit.ly/3hHDs2S

Carbon Conversation with Ross Garnaut, economist and author
Includes audience Q&A
22 September, 4pm-4.30pm
Exploring the ‘superpower’ opportunity of the land sector – unlocking finance and technological solutions.
Register here: https://bit.ly/3cgamXi

(A plenary including panellists Grant King, Director of Greencollar and Ranveer Chandra, Chief Scientist at Azure Global, Microsoft, will discuss the carbon farming market. This will be recorded and made available on 22 September. Contact us for access.)

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