Dear Mr Prime Minister, we’re here to help.

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by Peter Castellas, Chief Executive Officer of the Carbon Market Institute.

In a 2015 communique, the G20 called climate change “one of greatest challenges of our time”. However, it is an extraordinarily complex economic, environmental, and social issue.

You highlighted in challenging for the Prime Ministership of the country, that we need a style of leadership that “explains those complex challenges and opportunies…and then sets out a course of action we believe we should take and make a case for it”.

We can help with that.

We can help you make the case for the economic upside of setting long term, ambitious decarbonisation targets.

We can help outline clearly why business supports putting a price on carbon.

We can help input into the 2017 climate policy review to ensure the existing safeguard mechanism evolves as a policy lever that can be pulled to genuinely reduce emissions in line with our Paris Agreement commitments.

We can help ensure we leverage Australia’s enormous capability and potential to generate carbon offsets, particularly on the land.

We can help explain to Coalition MPs that an increase in demand for offsets from emitters under a true market based mechanism, will create investment in rural Australian projects.

We can help inform how Australia’s emissions intensive trade exposed industries will be impacted by the rapid developments in climate policy in key trading partners like China.

We can help with facilitating business input into the global rule book being developed out of the Paris Agreement to ensure we optimise Australia’s position in international carbon markets.

We can help with the alignment of aid, trade and diplomacy to play a role in institutional strengthening of countries in our region.

We can help to harness our professional services expertise to create economic opportunities as an export-oriented capability.

We can help with connecting people along the innovation chain to facilitate uptake and deployment of Australian clean energy and low emissions technologies at scale.

We can help bring our sophisticated capital market and innovative finance capabilities together to leverage public funding of climate change initiatives.

We can help with communicating to the public the job growth opportunities in the new low carbon economy.

We can help convene key stakeholders for a focused national conversation on a platform of knowledge exchange and commercial interaction at our Summit in May 2017.

The climate policy review in 2017 can be a defining moment of political leadership in setting out a course of action on climate change and making the case for it. Within CMI’s membership, we have hundreds of years of expertise in dealing with all facets of the complex challenges of climate change.

We are here to help.