[MEDIA STATEMENT] BHP sets new standard in net-zero emissions transition strategy

bradkerin Media Release

BHP’s integration of mid-term targets for its own operations and its supply chain, linked to remuneration benefits, sets a new standard for the mining sector planning for the transition to net zero emissions said the Carbon Market Institute today.

“BHP pioneered with its 2015 Climate Change Portfolio Analysis examining the impact for its business under a scenario limiting global average warming to 2C above pre-industrial temperatures. BHP was also among leading companies committing to net-zero emissions by 2050,” said John Connor, CEO, Carbon Market Institute (CMI).

“BHP has now built on that analysis, examining the tougher but more urgent goal of limiting average global warming to 1.5C and combining that with an interim pathway for action with mid-term targets for its own operations and its supply chain and linking these to remuneration benefits.”

“Critically, BHP’s commitment comes with a recognition that we are dangerously off track in pursuit of global warming goals, explicitly recognising the climate crisis, and the need for governments, companies and communities to do more, and to do more together.”

“As with its prior analysis, BHP has established a platform for accountability as well as collaboration. Both will be vital in the task of developing and commercialising at scale very low, zero and negative emission technologies.”

“CMI looks forward to working with BHP and its other members leading the transition to net-zero emissions by 2050.” The Carbon Market Institute is the independent industry association for business leading the transition to a net-zero emissions. CMI has more than 85 corporate members.

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