Australia is somewhat unique

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by Peter Castellas, Chief Executive Officer of the Carbon Market Institute.

In a professional capacity, we Australians are probably only two degrees of separation from the highest level of decision makers in government and business. If you have the right proposition and strategic approach you can either use your contacts or go directly yourself and organize a meetings with Government Ministers, CEOs or leading opinion makers or thought leaders.

In that interpersonal interface you have the opportunity to build a connection and trust; to provide advice and insight; and to then influence (or subsequently educate) motivate or guide that individual.   

For me, it’s all about relationships. There are many actors and story lines in the rapidly unfolding climate change narrative in Australia. The time is ripe now for the people with the knowledge, expertise and solutions to address climate change to make those connections with decision makers if we are to optimize our position as a nation and play our role in the great global emissions reduction challenge.

Next week is an important milestone in Institute’s annual calendar as we will convene the 4th Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit at the iconic MCG in Melbourne, where 500 people who make up the full ecosystem of key players in the zero-carbon transition will gather.

In working closely with all the speakers and sponsors and putting together the program, me and my fantastic team at CMI have aimed to ensure a common language to facilitate the dialogue between policy, technology, business and market leaders. We have designed the Summit as a platform for knowledge exchange and commercial interaction, enabling delegates to learn from their peers and build lasting relationships.

It is serious subject matter but relationships are also built around good social networking, having a coffee, a drink, a laugh and so it was important we design all that in to the Summit too.

It’s going to fun. I can’t wait.