CMI Carbon Conversation

Please join this important soil carbon webinar with the Clean Energy Regulator’s (CER) Jennifer Bradley from the Method development team. The CER is now in the public consultation period for new or updated soil carbon methods, following a technical consultation period earlier this year. This webinar will provide an update on the method development process, and explore key themes for discussion during this public consultation period.

We’ll also hear from CMI’s Soil Carbon Taskforce Co-Chair Matthew Warnken, and Climate Friendly’s environmental data specialist Andrew O’Reilly Nugent, who’ll brief you on the Taskforce’s technical consultation response, and developments in the soil carbon space.

Topic: CMI Carbon Conversation – Soil Carbon Discussion
Time: Friday 3 September, 12pm, Zoom
• Jennifer Bradley | A/g Manager, Coordination & Governance, Method Development – Clean Energy Regulator
• Matthew Warnken | Managing Director – Agriprove
• Dr. Andrew O’Reilly-Nugent | Senior Environmental Data Specialist – Climate Friendly

Hosted by Brad Kerin, General Manager, Carbon Market Institute.

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