CMI Carbon Conversation

Event date and time: Friday 27 August, 12pm

As the Government opens consultation on reforms to the Safeguard Mechanism – its carbon compliance management and market scheme for big emitters – the Grattan Institute has released a report into its broader reform to help guide investments on a transition path to net-zero emissions by 2050.  Join this important conversation about Australia’s little understood carbon market mechanism, reform potentials and pitfalls.

Please join Tony Wood, Energy & Climate Change Director at the Grattan Institute, Helen Bennett, Head of Climate Change Division at Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources, and Bret Harper, Director of Research at Reputex.


  • Tony Wood | Energy & Climate Change Program Director – Grattan Institute
  • Helen Bennett | Head of Climate Change Division – Department of Science, Industry, Energy and Resources
  • Bret Harper | Director of Research – Reputex

Hosted by John Connor, CEO, Carbon Market Institute.

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