Carbon farming case studies

“I think it will be a really good outcome for Australia and Australian resources if we have a larger plantation estate and a sustainable plantation estate, and that can be done with the help of carbon finance and carbon credit revenue.

“A lot of these [carbon farming] plantations have been established on fallow land, or land which was not previously being utilised properly. The soil was degraded, when we put plantations in an area like this, we help retain that soil, we cool temperatures in the region.”

Vivek Dugar, Director, WeAct

“We started establishing the [carbon farming] site in late July/early August 2020, this involved planting around 200,000 seedlings, these will sequester about 45,000 tonnes of carbon over the life of the project. The carbon farming project is really exciting, it’s another revenue stream for our plantations. It makes us feel very positive about the future, it gives us the ability to establish more plantations in the area and create more jobs.

“I’m really excited about this carbon farming project, we’d encourage other plantation managers to take it up.”

Danielle Wiseman, Research Manager, OneFortyOne

This video was produced in collaboration with the Clean Energy Regulator.

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