Carbon farming case studies

“I don’t think we’d still be here if it wasn’t for carbon farming” David and Kylie Fisher of Brindingabba Station, landholders and carbon farmers, on their farm 160 km north west of Bourke, Western NSW.

David and Kylie Fisher have lived and worked the station since 1998 and have been carbon farming for about five years. The Fisher family have been in the district for 35 years, and when they first moved onto the property twenty-two years ago, the country was scaled and eroded.

“It was a harsh environment to make a living from. The topsoil was diminished, and the land was not as productive as it could have been,” David says.

“The additional, steady income has relieved a lot of personal stress for us, brought on by the drought and other factors. It’s got us through some really dry years. The carbon farming experience for us, on this property, has been enormous. By encouraging tree growth on the landscape, it encouraged biomass to collect on the ground, which in turn collects topsoil and encourages healthy pasture growth.

“The best thing about carbon farming, is you can still operate your usual stock practices on a rotational basis,” added David.

This video was produced in collaboration with the Clean Energy Regulator.

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