CMI Carbon Conversations

The Aboriginal carbon farming sector in Australia is developing quickly, providing environmental, social, employment and cultural benefits to Indigenous communities. Furthermore, there is growing demand, both domestically and internationally, for Indigenous fire management techniques.

Hear Nolan talk about the Kimberley Land Council’s work supporting indigenous savanna carbon projects in Northern WA as a manifestation of traditional rights and cultural obligations on country, the importance of carbon projects for Traditional Owner led sustainable economic development, and the relevance of the Australian experience in an international context.

Shilo, a Native Title expert and Regional Manager with the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation, will discuss its Indigenous driven core benefits verification framework and how carbon farming is providing Traditional Owners with a real income stream, community prosperity and the ability to stay on their land.

Also to be discussed, is the Indigenous Carbon Industry Network (ICIN), a network of Indigenous-owned organisations that operate across north Australia to develop and deliver carbon projects, mainly through savanna fire management. This event marks the launch of ICIN’s new website.


  • Nolan Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Kimberley Land Council
  • Shilo Villaflor, Regional Manager, Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

Host: John Connor, CEO, Carbon Market Institute

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