Technology solutions play a critical role in the global transition to net-zero emissions, and Australia has the capacity to be a leader in the deployment of many of these solutions. Implementation and investment challenges remain however, especially in hard-to-abate sectors.

With the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (GCCSI)’s recently released report; The Value of Carbon Capture and Storage, and the Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper (currently out for consultation) and findings from the Expert Panel Report examining additional sources of abatement, CMI sits down with GCCSI CEO Brad Page, Troy Powell, Head of Sustainability at Orica, who’ll discuss other immediate and long-term technology investment opportunities, and Susie Smith, AIGN’s CEO and member of the Government’s Expert Panel for her industry and policy insights.

Join us for a conversation where we’ll explore the realities and potential for CCS to assist in decarbonising industrial sectors and achieving negative emissions to assist the transition to net-zero and net-negative emissions.


  • Brad Page, CEO, Global CCS Institute
  • Troy Powell, Head of Sustainability, Orica
  • Susie Smith, CEO, Australian Industry Greenhouse Network

Host: John Connor, CEO, Carbon Market Institute

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