CMI Carbon Conversations

With last week’s release of the Government response to the King Review and the Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper, the Hon. Angus Taylor Minister for Emissions Reduction and Energy will join us this Friday at the special time of 1pm.

He will be joined by James Schultz CEO Green Collar, “Australia’s largest environmental markets investor, natural resource manager and conservation-for-profit organisation” and Ilona Millar, head of law firm Baker McKenzie’s Global Climate Change Practice.

These latest developments have opened a crucial national conversation on the direction and destination of the Climate Solutions Fund, Technology Investment Roadmap and Long-term Strategy (to be launched before COP26).

  • Hon Angus Taylor, Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction
  • Ilona Millar, Global Head of Climate Change, Baker McKenzie
  • James Schultz, CEO, Greencollar

Host: John Connor, Ceo, Carbon Market Institute

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