Participating in Australia's carbon markets to meet corporate climate goals

This seminar series has been designed to support professionals as they develop corporate climate strategies. Whether you are new to carbon markets, seeking to engage or active in carbon markets, these seminars will:

  • explain how carbon markets can be used to support corporate climate goals;
  • detail the types of units and certificates available and current market dynamics;
  • highlight possible carbon procurement/trading strategies and;
  • introduce key industry players active in this space

Seminars feature presentations from the Carbon Market Institute, the Clean Energy Regulator and other expert market participants.

Attending this seminar series will provide:

  • Critical foundation knowledge on carbon markets;
  • Information on market supply and demand dynamics, and important compliance, regulatory and policy developments;
  • An understanding of carbon offset procurement/trading strategies, including the use and acquisition of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) and other eligible offset units for corporate climate goals;
  • An overview of how carbon market solutions can reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint and related climate risks;
  • An outline of the additional benefits that investment in carbon farming, nature-based solutions and other emissions reduction activities can have beyond your carbon footprint;
  • An opportunity to connect with current and future market participants, industry experts, market regulators and key government representatives.