Voluntary Market Working Groups

CMI’s Voluntary Market Working Group aims to grow the Australian voluntary market by facilitating knowledge exchange and commercial interaction between the key buy/sell side market participants. With the repeal of the carbon pricing mechanism, the voluntary market has an opportunity to leverage expertise developed by compliance market participants and translate this into increased deal flow.

Specifically, our Working Group participants look at ways they can increase offsetting activities in business by creating demand that stems from market forces and mechanisms, rather than more altruistic social forces. Investing in abatement projects, carbon sequestration, vehicle emissions and air transport offsetting are all projects that are currently being developed in our community.

CMI’s expansive and diverse membership base includes many leading service and solution providers that have taken the opportunity to participate in these voluntary market activities. Over the last 18 months, our four Working Groups have focused on collaboration between market operators, knowledge sharing, with CMI providing further education, communication and capacity building.

If you are interested in the idea of voluntary carbon market participation, and the opportunities it can provide your business in a post-compliance setting, please contact us.