Australian Market Development

CMI is committed to advancing Australia’s economy and developing the market mechanisms and participants to ensure a sustainable transition towards the future low-carbon economy.

That’s why CMI works with a membership base of real market operators, from varied sectors – from Australia’s largest carbon emitters through to those that are working to directly improve our environment and our planet. We all have one goal: a better, cleaner world for our children, and our childrens’ children.

It’s about communication, advocacy, advice and understanding, ideas that can easily fall by the wayside as our economy evolves and strides into the future. CMI works closely with our corporate members to ensure they have the right information when it matters most.

Our connection to industry and to policy means that our members are prepared for the effects and risks of climate change on their business, and can transition towards a truly sustainable future business model.

If you would like to understand how CMI can assist in future-proofing and securing the sustainability of your business, please contact us.